Myself and Mike really enjoyed the Networking event hosted last week.

The vibe was very calm and inviting and allowed all parties to comfortably share their business. The array of people invited was also very interesting, it gave us the opportunity for insight into various different markets. The people themselves were awesome, and definitely likeminded individuals with whom one would want to be associated.

Andre Van Rensburg

It is great to be a member of the HitNet business networking environment.

It is an opportunity to build my business and interact with like-minded business owners. Networking is a proven, cost-effective marketing strategy, and after Lock-down, most of us can benefit from this opportunity.

Marius Smit

Thank you for yesterday’s network event and putting it all together.

I really believe it is the right time to start with it again. I am predicting that within a few months we are going to be swamped. I am all in!

Marlet Tromp